Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I was delighted recently to see one of my photos published in our local newspaper, the fairly provincial but well respected Eastern Daily Press

We had been out on the river and rounded a bend to be met by the sight in the attached photo. No panic, just get as near to the bank as possible and wait. However, there was very little wind and it seemed to take forever for the yachts to sail past us. The Broads Authority ranger who came across the same sight as us promptly turned round, shouting that he would 'clear the way' for the yachts, prompting one of the skippers to comment later that they felt like a circus parade being led by the ringmaster. I think it would have been more fun not to warn other boats and watch the antics as the hire boats tried to negotiate the daunting bunch of 'sailies'.

On an impulse I sent the photo to the newspaper, not thinking for a moment they would publish it as I have done this before with no luck but was pleasantly surprised to see my photo in an almost half page spread the same week, attached to the report of the race - the Snowflake Sailing Club first race of the winter season - the Tri-Icicle.

Fame at last!

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