Monday, 24 May 2010

Floral identification

Whilst we are on the subject of identifying plants (timbobig) can anyone tell me what this is? I took the photo in 2007 and have been trying ever since to put a name to it. The photo was taken in June and I went back the next year to find the plant again but it was gone and I haven't seen it since which made me think I dreamt it - except I have the photo.


  1. No idea, of course, but it is rather lovely. Have you tried here They say you can send them a photo and they'll identify it.

  2. Maybe it is nicotiana but don't listen to me.

  3. I thought you were probably right Rosie, not being able to find anything which looked any closer but suddenly one of my Flickr friends posted this "I think you will find it's a Phygelius."

    Looked it up in the trusty Readers Digest gardening book (bequeathed to me by my father) and there it was! Not a brilliant pic I have to say (which is why I haven't reproduced it here) - and shown in yellow so probably why my search for white flowers had failed!