Saturday, 5 February 2011


I read this followed by a spooky feeling, as I also had a weird experience recently.

I was told by someone who shall be nameless that I am a Witch and this is my profile:

"A witch is the ultimate friend. Given their powers to save and protect those who deserve their help. Witches are usually the first being to settle down and start a family. Surrounding them with friends and family. A witch can shock you with their patience and views. They have the ability to cast spells and create the most powerful potions. Many witches would die for those who they love and consider family."

I was then looking at a photo I took of an owl and saw myself in the background. If you look closely you can see me .........


  1. Not a terribly good likeness. But please forward some spells and potions.

  2. They're a work in progress currently! I have also noticed the goblin behind the witch - small head and big ears .... see it?

  3. Yeah I always knew you were a witch when you used to look after me when I was tiny ;-)
    My odd experience which I am sure I have mentioned before was when I was inspecting a house in Teignmouth in Devon many years ago & it transpired through general chat that the owner had sold a previous house in Norfolk to you, 20 odd years earlier. That really was weird.

  4. That must have been Molly! Rosie, I'm shrinking daily!!