Friday, 10 June 2011

What was I doing?

So I decided to make a cake! This is a tea loaf so fruit has to be soaked in tea. Made the tea, went to dispose of the t-bags and the small bin near the sink (for t-bags only) was full. Emptied the small bin into the large kitchen bin which was then full! Went outside with the kitchen bin to put the bag in the dustbin, which was full! Took the large bag out of the dustbin and put it in the wheelie bin, (don't question my rubbish removal routine please!) which was then full. Put a new bag in the dustbin, put my kitchen waste bin bag into it and it was then full again! Took the new bag out of the dustbin to put in the wheelie bin, which was full!

What was it I was going to do? Can't remember, oh yes, good job I wrote it down here - make a cake!!

1 comment:

  1. It's called the law of unexpected consequence. You start off with a simple cake and end up with bin Armageddon.