Friday, 10 June 2011

New mobile phone

We decided it was time to change mobile phones, having had our current ones for over five years! Weren't sure about all the new technology but were prepared to be persuaded. Visited the shop and stated our requirements, the main one which was to have two phones, but one bill! Yes, no problem says the salesman!

We chose our phones and preparations were made to set everything up - beginning to get excited about the new gadget! The first phone was set up fine, no problems, old number to be transferred in a couple of days time. Came to the second phone - uh uh says the service provider, we can't set up two phones on the same direct debit! Why not, the salesman asks? Well, the London bombings were financed by mobile phone fraud, says the SP!

There was absolutely no flexibility in this and after two hours of the salesman and his manager arguing with the SP and apologising to us, we decided to set up the second phone on a separate account. Salesman rings through to do this and gets the message "we are now closed"! I have never seen a bloke so in need of a stiff drink as him!

I agreed to return the next morning and eventually, after one false start when the SP thought we were trying to con them, I got my phone!

Charged up the phone and suddenly it rings - don't even know how to answer it and don't recognise the number but do manage eventually to hear an automated message asking me if I wish to answer a few questions on how my purchase went. Yes, I thought, this is the chance! "If you wish to do the survey, either press 1 or say 'yes'" As I couldn't find 1 on the phone I said 'yes'. "Your response is not recognised". Tried twice more in different accents and volume and eventually heard "thank you for your time - goodbye". But, but I haven't spent any time or managed to tell them what I really thought ..... perhaps the same will happen on the second phone in due course and I can try a different accent!


  1. If there is anyone out there who knows how to change the length of the ringtone before the poxy thing switches to voicemail, I would be eternally grateful to know how to do it! Even my phone-whizz second cousin can't help me! Trouble is, I'm cooking something, or washing up [non dishwasher things you understand ;)], the phone rings, by the time I have either turned down the heat, taken off the rubber gloves etc. and located the phone, it's long since stopped ringing and then there is a rigmarole to go through to find out who rang and then how to call them back, or I am left wondering why that person rang me and do I want to ring them back - hmmmm seemed to have talked myself out of answering the phone anyway!!

  2. Gawd, the phone survey all sounds very Monty Python.... you poor thing! Hope you've managed to sort things out now. I really hate getting used to a new mobile phone (must be getting old)... you feel like such a twit when you can't find the ON/OFF switch, or figure out how the heck to answer it when it rings. Hang in there!

  3. Getting a little better at understanding it now - at least I know that there is NO 'on/off' switch. You just slide your finger over it and - hey presto - you have answered the call! That is unless you have slid your finger the wrong way in which case you have declined the call. Each time I have to think 'up or down' which is it!

    However, I can now read my emails on my phone - oh joy, another Amazon sales pitch and I have just about worked out texting. Only problem is that my fingers sometimes touch the wrong keys and I end up with gobbledegook - oh well, nothing different there!