Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Empathy with food

I blame my parents! I cooked some pasta for supper last night and on stirring it in the bowl a few bits flicked on to the work surface, unnoticed at the time. When I came to move the bowl to serve up, I saw these couple of bits of pasta lying forlornly on the work surface. As I picked them up to throw them in the bin, one of them said to me ‘please don’t throw us away, we want to be with our friends’. What could I do, I had to put them back in the bowl!

If I open a tin of sweetcorn or similar, I have to make sure that not a single piece is left in the tin and they are all together in the bowl/saucepan!

I recall that my parents persuaded me to eat things by appealing to my sentimental side – the crusts were the mummy and daddy of the bread and needed to be together – the last few peas on the plate were so lonely without their siblings – you get the picture!

I really can’t remember how old I was before I used to hide the crusts under the edge of the plate …. but some habits have stayed with me all my life.


  1. I do remember some of that. Nowadays I'd be more inclined to think that, after all, they're all together in the Great Bin of Heaven. Although of course the sweetcorn kernels will be reincarnated along with the tin.

  2. Wish I could think like that :-/